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Welcome to Emerson Elementary

Emerson is located in the city of Long Beach, just blocks from El Dorado Park. With an enrollment of 400 students from preschool through fifth grade, Emerson Parkside Academy is rich in diversity. Emerson prides itself in having dedicated and experienced teachers, motivated and enthusiastic scholars, and supportive and involved families. The campus provides a safe, inclusive, and caring environment necessary for all students to learn. High expectations, social emotional learning, and differentiated instruction and support provide students with the foundation to grow into life long, self-directed learners and productive citizens. 


Students in Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade visit the hands-on science lab on a weekly basis. Emerson Parkside Academy has a designated classroom equipped as a hands-on lab with materials and tools for scientific exploration and discovery aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Students work in a STEM environment to develop their collaboration and problem-solving skills as they learn about the world around them.


The Emerson Parkside Academy Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is offered in third through fifth grade. Emerson's GATE teachers provide differentiated instruction designed to meet the needs of high ability and intellectually gifted students. Classroom instruction begins with the grade level core curriculum and is differentiated based upon student need and ability to support their academic and intellectual growth in order to reach their full potential.

Student Programs

At Emerson Parkside Academy, our goal is to enable students to become self-sufficient, self-motivated, life-long learners. Our students are educated to meet the demands of living in the 21st century. We provide a rigorous program of academic study based on the Common Core State Standards, combined with daily social and emotional learning. The educational program is designed to increase learning opportunities for ALL students, with special emphasis on students with diverse learning modalities.


The CCT model is an inclusive classroom in which two teachers are paired -- one a general education teacher and the other a special education teacher. Together they co-plan and co-teach students with a variety of strengths and needs. ALL students in the CCT classrooms benefit from the combined expertise of two teachers. Students with and without Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) receive high-quality differentiated instruction, a lower student-to-teacher ratio, and an appreciation for diversity. Currently, CCT is offered in Kindergarten through Third grade.

Music Education

All students in ETK through 5th grade receive vocal music instruction on a rotating schedule. Students in 3rd through 5th grade have the opportunity to receive instrumental education in strings and winds. Instruments are provided for the students.


Kids' Club offers on-site child care before and after school from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Contact Kids' Club Director Marivi Linares at 562-429-5238 for pricing information.